Sunday, March 2, 2008

White outs and black outs

Yesterday we were off bright and early to attend the last session of Mr.J's gym class. Well, maybe it was early but it wasn't so bright. We ran into a bit of a snowstorm along the way. Nice. It's at this time of year that it seems winter is never going to end. According to the papers, we've received almost 10 feet of snow so far this winter. Thank goodness we've had a few melt downs along the way.
We did mange to make it to Mr.J's class. That's him doing the crab walk on the parallel bars with his mom. He never had the courage to do it before, but had to get it done for his Baba (aka Grandpa) John.
Here he is on the balance beam. Notice the tongue (helps the concentration).

And...his official certificate of achievement.All these photos were taken after the class had ended. Photos are not allowed during class because we live in the age of fear of stalkers and pedophiles. We weren't allowed in the gym to watch the class, either. We were tossed out and had to watch from the windows in the hall. John wanted to know from the staff member what part of Russia we're living in....a little embarrassing but really he has a point. I can understand not allowing cameras in a change room, but a gym class? Taking photos afterwards isn't quite the same. The times are what they are, I guess. But it's a little sad all the same.

But, we couldn't let some silly rules get us down. After class, the four of us headed out to breakfast. Yum. A light meal (ha!) of Eggs Benedict for me. Then home to walk the dogs and walk some of those calories off!

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Christine said...

Oh my, he's a cutie patootie! The tongue is very funny because Avery does that too when he's concentrating very hard. I can see no cameras in the change room also, but not allowed in the gym to watch?