Sunday, March 30, 2008

Viewings and Musings

Feeling optimistic today. We had a viewing yesterday, and another one booked for this afternoon. The coming of spring might just bring a buyer for our Ontario home.

In the meantime, I am dreaming about gardening in Nova Scotia. Our DIL emailed some photos last night. She and John's son are checking on our NS home for us until we get moved out there. This photo is taken from the foundation of the original barn, looking up towards the front of the house. There are 2 original foundations on the from the barn, and one from the original homestead.

I'm hoping to create some gardens within the old foundations. Any suggestions for flowers?

Here's a photo of some of the treasures that DIL found before the snow came. Some of you may think that it's junk. But I truly think they are treasures...part of the history of the land and home we'll be moving to. Cool.

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Angelique said...

What a great photo and what great little treasures. That's the kind of stuff my husband would think I'm crazy for wanting to keep. I agree, they are pieces of history.
About the house sale, I've heard spring is when people come out of hibernation and want to buy houses.