Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Staging a home

Our current house listing expires on Friday. It's been 5 months since we listed the house and we haven't sold. Despite the fact that it's been the worst winter for snow in 30 years, I think if we had the right agent and had the right price, it would have sold by now.

So...we are switching agents on Friday. We're meeting with the new agent tomorrow, but it looks like a big price drop is in store. It's quite disappointing. We didn't set the original price. Our agent set the price, and we actually listed $5000 less than the agent suggested. We dropped the price 1 month ago, and again used a price $5000 less than the agent suggested.

I thought I'd document what we've done so far to "stage" the house for sale. The new agent is bringing a professional stager tomorrow, so I'll let you know what else she suggests.

1. one bedroom full of furniture left the house with Cody when he moved to Toronto
2. painted "Cody's Condo" aka the upstairs tv room
3. painted all the baseboards on first level
4. sold at auction: desk, papasan chair, dresser from workshop, display shelving from workshop, various prints, boxes of "stuff", china, cabinet - total received $565.50
5. 4 garbage bags of clothes and 4 boxes of stuff donated to Salvation Army
6. desk chair to son in Toronto
7. removed 11 paintings from walls and patched and painted
8. rehung closet door in spare bedroom, patched hole on bedroom door and painted both
9. sold at auction: generator - received $1445
10. removed one loveseat from living room and moved downstairs to office
11. moved set of shelves from office out to garage for storage
12. 3 boxes of books to used book store
13. over 20 garbage bags shredded paper to recycling (that's what 3 years in municiple politics and 10 years for 2 businesses will get you!)
14. two SUV loads to the dump
15. personal photos removed from refrigerator, living room, desk top, spare room
16. one business sold and 24 bins of dog biscuits & packaging moved to new location

Phew! More to come...


coastalgirl said...

good luck with selling the house. I remember what it was like stripping wallpaper, painting walls, painting base boards, keeping the appliances spotless, shoving stuff into closets....what a pain! We leave in a few weeks to buy a house in Canada. Although I'm excited at the prospect, I find the process stressful too.
I bet once housebuyers can dig themselves out of the snow, you'll have more offers coming your way.

Christine said...

Sara, it has to be the snow! I know when I look at a house, I like to see the yard. Trees, gardens, flowers etc. Your house will sell!

TD wool design said...

keep the faith! spring has a way of bringing along happy changes. hope today goes well with the new agent. hope your snow is going away!

julia said...

Good luck with the house. It sounds hard. Both the selling but also the leaving, when I imagine it.
Wishing you spring flowers soon.
And you know what? I've been listening to 'Anne of Green Gables' as an audiobook lately and I wish I could go visit Canada. In summer, I mean.