Friday, March 7, 2008

Skeleton keys in all shapes and sizes

I have been fascinated by skeleton keys for years now.My sister used to have a bunch of them hanging on her wall. She introduced me to auctions many years ago, and she had the most ecclectic collections of things. She had the Shabby Chic style before it was a style. I finally have some of my own skeleton keys. They are fabulous! Twenty of them in all sorts of shapes and finishes. I don't know what it is about them...they just seem sort of romantic. All that history. Who knows what they unlocked and the secrets they kept.
Now...what to do with them? Any suggestions?


Angelique said...

hmmm...I thought I left a comment here already...
These photos are so great, the angles, the composition, everything.

scout said...

hi sara,

great post.

my father lives in an old victorian house in toronto, ontario and is looking for some skeleton keys to get into some of the rooms! would you consider selling any of the ones that look like what he needs?


Sara said...

Hi Scout,
The keys you chose are on the way! Hope your father can use them.