Wednesday, March 12, 2008

buttons and snow

I found some buttons for my sweater at Twisted River Clayworks. As you can see, they are blue buttons. Maybe an odd choice for a red sweater? But the yarn has flecks of different colours and lots of the flecks are blue. I thought rather than getting some red buttons (do you realize how many shades of red there are?) that may not match, I'd go for contrast. I think the buttons are fantastic...and one of a kind too! I'll use the four round buttons on the sweater, and the bonus rectangular button for some kind of yet to be determined project.

And I love this creamer.

Now... I want to show you a photo of the snow on our street. These are our neighbours playing on the small mound at the end of their driveway. We're only about two snow falls away from breaking the snowfall record from 1970-71. The wood showing in the photo below is the top of our 4 foot fence.Needless to say, our 3 large dogs can't get into the backyard. We have a small space cleared for them off our deck but we need to take them out for walks to get their exercise these days.

That's a lot of snow!

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Angelique said...

WOW...that is a lot of snow. We've had it easy over here in Colorado.

Love the buttons!