Wednesday, March 5, 2008


This is me.floun-der n. 1. struggle awkwardly without making much progress; plunge about 2. be clumsy or confused

Although I signed a clause in the sale of my business that said I was to be available for 90 days to answer questions, I find I am not needed.

Although our home is listed for sale, no one is interested in seeing it just now.

Most of our personal belongings have been stored away to de-personalize the house, so I feel like I'm visiting a hotel rather than living in a home.

Although several people asked me, "but what are you going to do?" when told I was selling my business, I didn't think that finding the answer would be a problem.

I find I am in limbo, looking for answers without knowing the right questions to ask.



Christine said...

Well, you certainly don't look like the fish!!! lol
I am still trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up :)
Try to take this time to decompress, to relax and to explore new things.

leslie said...

oh, i feel for you. not an easy spot to be in. i hope things start to get a bit more clear for you. very soon.

TD wool design said...

sorry that things are moving slow with the house. being in limbo certainly can be unsettling. i hope the change in season brings answers and sunshine! hang on :)

Simply Me Art said...

You will figure out what you want to do, it will take some time and maybe a bit of Soul Searching. Spring is around the corner ya know, when the Snow stops and the flowers start popping up, take the time to enjoy them. So sorry about the House, Here nothing is selling and Nothing has Sold for quite sometime... I guess this is all a lesson in Patience... Ughhh, something Im not good with, have a wonderful weekend, Jamie

I am Jen said...

Yes, it seems life hands us ups and downs and the answers are not clearly in sight. Stay strong. Good things are coming and there is someone who will buy that house when you least expect it. P.S. - I do not think you look like a flounder at all. :)