Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Finally...it's finished!

No, we haven't sold the house yet. But I am celebrating nevertheless. After 14 months and lots of procrastinating, I've finished my sweater. Well, almost finished. Everything is done but I can't find buttons I like. I messed up the button band a wee bit, but I don't think anyone will notice but me.
This style is a big change for me. The other sweaters I have knit for myself are all pullovers, and all a fair bit longer. This is the first waist length sweater I've done. As many women are, I'm very critical of myself. Let's just say my rear portion is not my favourite. Therefore, it's been cropped out of this photo!
If you're wondering what's in my hand...it's a remote for the camera. One of the best $15 purchases we ever made. No more running back and forth with a timer. It's especially handy when we're out and about. I've lost count of the times I had to run across beaches, rocks, etc to try to get into a group photo. Sometimes the aforementioned rear portion of my body ended up in the shots. Can't have that.
Now, where can I find me some buttons?


Angelique said...

I love the pictures and congrats on finishing your sweater. I need to get a remote. I haven't taken a new pic of my new haircut for that exact reason.

Anonymous said...

Your sweater is BEAUTIFUL!! Yes, we can be critical of ourselves....having seen your "rear portion" I believe is how you put it....I cannot believe you are self concious! I know many people that would kill for your behind...heart shaped. : )
Lovely day here on the "right" coast. DIL

TD wool design said...

love the color! what a great job. i think the waist length is good, and can't believe your concerned with what's "behind" :) i also saw the button post. how fun! a great choice.