Sunday, March 9, 2008

Adventures at home #2

Our son, DIL and Miss M visit our home in Nova Scotia every week to make sure everything is okay. (they live one hour away) Doesn't it look lonely and pining for us? This photo of the back of the house was taken a couple of weeks ago. There's no snow there now. But...we have LOTS of snow here. We received over 50 cm this weekend (that's over 20 inches) and looks like we're going to break the all time record for snow fall in this area that was set back in 1970-71.
Here's a photo of Miss M with her sled. Miss M and her mom and dad spent the night at the house...with air mattresses and sleeping bags. The next morning was sledding time.

I think Miss M has the right idea. This is her dad pulling her around 20 acres! I think he had a nap when he got home.

Can't wait to get there!


Anonymous said...

Daddy did sleep well that night. Miss M wanted him to pull her on the grassy part too. It was a great day to explore the yard and "walk the line" as BaBa would say : ) I was just disappointed the herd of deer wouldn't stay still for a pic. They greeted us upon arrival that day.
I can't imagine there would be any snow there now. It was a lovely day today. Sunny and +5. Hope it was there too. DIL

Angelique said...

I love that first photo...what a beautiful house. You must be so excited!