Tuesday, February 26, 2008

This and that

Friday was a big day around here with the sale of my dog biscuit company. Thanks for all your kind comments. Wow. I don't know about you, but I often feel I'm not accomplishing much and tend to minimize my achievements. It was fun to put a blog post together about some of my business successes over the past 10 years. We should probably all do that on a regular basis instead of only when we achieve milestones. I'm not talking about just business, but life in general. All of us do so much, and so many things every day that we take for granted. When you stop and think about things that make you happy(big or small), it gives you a more positive outlook about everything.

Yesterday I sent an email to my special website customers to let them know that the business had been sold...to thank them for their business over the past few years...and to "introduce" them to the new owner. As I said before, dealing with my customers was one of the things I enjoyed most about my business. Well. Let me tell you how wonderful they are. Not only did they send me emails to congratulate me, they sent emails to the new owner to congratulate and welcome her...and assure her that they would continue to support the business. How great is that? Pretty fantastic I'd say.

John and I celebrated on Friday night by going out to my all time favourite restaurant. It's a local place called the branch. Not only do they have absolutely fantastic food, but I love the building too. It's one of the older buildings in town and has the original tin ceilings that must be 14 feet high or more. The owners are really really nice people and always come by and chat for a while. We were entertained by Pat Johnson, a blues singer. He brought along someone that accompanies him on a couple of songs on one of his cds...a tuba player! Have you ever heard the blues played by tuba? It was great! We liked it so much of course we had to buy the cd and have it signed by both of them. We end up buying a cd from all the performers we hear at the branch and we've not been disappointed yet.

No action on our house sale yet. Big Sigh.

I've sent out a couple of Search Me bags over the past weeks. I received an email from one of the purchasers...her daughter loves it. Yay! So nice of her to send a note to let me know. Since this is a new venture for me, I was a little nervous. I also received a note from someone who is interested in buying them wholesale. Double Yay! A few more items will be uploaded later this week. (and some for the DIYers too)

Funky Finds has one of my Search Me bags too. They'll be using it in their March giveaway. They've got a fantastic jewelry giveaway going on this week...30 items! Here's the link...Go have some fun.

Now...time to go. John is cooking me a steak dinner. Yum. (did I mention how lucky I am?) Tomorrow...we're off to Toronto (a 4 hour drive) to take our son to lunch!

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