Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Stop to smell the roses

A couple of photos that I took last year...miniature roses I received for my birthday. Aren't the colours lovely?

I woke up with a terrible headache this morning. No, I didn't have a wild time last night. I think it's just the cumulative effect of too much stress...too many things to think and worry about. We generally try to keep a positive outlook on things. Negative thoughts take up too much energy.
Yesterday was a bit stress filled. We had another showing on our house (feedback received today was good about the house, but bad about the location). Then I spent the afternoon meeting with the purchaser of my business. We have almost all the details hammered out, but one little snag to deal with. I spent 3 hours talking non stop and going over all the details about the business. I'm not used to talking so much (John is the talker in our family) and was worn out by the end of the day.

Even though I started today with a headache, it disappeared around noon. John volunteers as a Meals on Wheels driver every week with the local Senior's Centre. They had a Valentine's Lunch today and we joined them. Two hundred people were there. Let me tell you, it was a great remedy for feeling old. I'm headed towards my 47th birthday this year and now and then it hits me how old I'm getting to be. (almost 50....yikes!) Grey hair has appeared so quickly over the past year that I'm now closer to white than my previous black. Aches and pains sometimes where I didn't know I had things that could ache. Anyway, I was a young'un today! The average age in the room must have been about 80. We were entertained by the "Swinging Singing Seniors" and the "Hootin' Nanas and Papas". The 2nd group played instruments (washboards, kazoos, tambourines, spoons). One woman in the band didn't play an instrument but every now and then she'd get off her chair on the stage and shuffle around in a little dance. Totally cute. It's a little scary to think about being 80 (but better than the alternative...not reaching 80) but those folks seemed to be having a gas. The 80ish gent sitting beside me was belting out the tunes.

You're only as old as you feel, eh?


TD wool design said...

lovely roses. such a cheerful color. 50 for me in 5. yikes! been so busy, moving mentally slow today :)

Angelique said...

You're still young! My grandfather is coming up on 80 and I swear he acts younger than me. He can out walk me by miles. Pretty sad (for me).
Beautiful rose photos.