Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Purple people cupcake eaters

Monday was the first ever Family Day in Ontario. John's daughter and grandson came to visit. We had a scrumptious brunch cooked by John (who does the majority of cooking around here) and cupcakes that Mr. J brought along with him. He was already stuffed with icing from baking the cupcakes with his mom in the morning, but enjoyed the icing on this cupcake nevertheless. We joined him and made sure we got icing on our lips too. Bright orange for John. Bright green for me. Do you know how hard it is not to lick your lips when they're full of yummy icing?

P.S. am I dating myself by referencing the song "one eyed, one horn flying purple people eaters"? Does anyone else remember that song?


I am Jen said...

I used to sing that song all the time.

Christine said...

Sadly, yes I do remember that song. I was hoping that you took a picture of you and John with icing on your face!