Sunday, February 3, 2008

Open House Day

It's open house day! Something we said we'd never do. It's a nice sunny day here...and our open house was advertised in Ottawa's paper we'll see how many people turn up.

Oh, and here's open that the people who do show up are actually looking for a new home and not just house tourists.

After some mad morning cleaning, we'll be off in the car with 3 dogs and a cat driving around for 2 1/2 hours.

Fingers crossed!

Update: well, our agent was happy with the results but I'm not so sure. We had 6 sets of people come set was some neighbours! Tsk, tsk. Nosy people. Our viewing on Friday went well. The people loved, loved, loved the house but think it's too far to drive from their jobs. We'll keep's the only way to be.


TD wool design said...

my fingers are crossed for you! hope your kitty rides OK. enjoy your week. sarah

I am Jen said...

I know this is a hard time and you are squirming...we were in the same shoes moving from Iowa to PA two years ago. But keep sane. It will all work out.