Saturday, February 16, 2008

Off to the races

Today was absolutely beautiful. Bright and sunny and not too cold. A perfect day to watch some dog sledding races. Here's a rather strange sight we saw before the races started...
Quite the fashion statement. Not to my taste, but I had to take a photo of it. I believe it's a fox on that lady's head. We had a little talk with her about her sledding team (she had a couple of standard sized poodles by her truck but they were just family dogs along for the ride). From the front, the fox is complete with a nose, etc. Yuck. Foxes are beautiful animals and in my opinion not meant for that type of thing.

On to the races. Things start to get quite exciting when the drivers start to hook up their dogs to the lines. The husky in this photo was howling. Most of the dogs start barking when they get harnessed. It's quite a din let me tell you.
They race one team at a time. Here is a team waiting to start.There are 4 people holding the team so that the lines don't get crossed. The dogs are so excited about running that they jump around and are straining at the harnesses. If the people weren't holding them, they'd be off like a shot.

The announcer lets the driver know when there's one minute to go, then 30 seconds, then 10. Go, go, go!
And they're off!
And this is what they look like at the end of the race. Can you see their tongues hanging out?But don't they look happy?

John and I love huskies and seeing them brings back good memories of our Bailey. She was only a member of the family, not a working dog like these guys.

What a great day!


Angelique said...

How fun! I would so love to see this. Was that a Lab racing???

Christine said...

Beautiful dogs!!!

TD wool design said...

love dogs! i bet that was so cool! would have loved to hear their excited howling.

I am Jen said...

We have friends that do this and the dogs live for it. Great year for it this year with all the snow!

coastalgirl said...

that is quite the spectacle. Looks like fun to watch. I agree about the fox. Here in the south, they still have active furriers and big fur storage places. You are viewed as a somebody if you are wearing a fur, but then again, my part of the south is about 50 years behind in most things including recycling and conservation.