Thursday, February 21, 2008

a little moonshine

Usually I'm in bed before 10:30, but last night I was outside in my pajamas taking photos of the lunar eclipse. Even though I had a tripod, the photos didn't turn out very well. Oh well. By the time the full eclipse rolled around, I couldn't seem to take any photos at all. Too dark? I don't know.

Yesterday was also a memorable day because we made our last dog biscuit delivery. We delivered to a gourmet food shop in Merrickville....Mrs. McGarrigle's Fine Food Shop. Oddly enough, Mrs. McGarrigle's was my very first wholesale customer way back in 1999. It seems fitting that they would also be my last customer too!

Tomorrow the business gets handed over to a new owner. Our taste testers (our 3 dogs) have been given their severance packages...a couple of bins full of dog biscuits that should last them a while. My Vice President of Logistics (aka John) is considering lodging a formal complaint because he didn't receive a severance package. I guess he doesn't consider dog biscuits fair payment!


Angelique said...

That moon picture is great!! WOW..your biscuit business is being handed over...sounds bitter sweet. I can imagine there must be a bit of sadness. How awesome though to have started such a wonderful business and have someone take it over!

Angelique said...

oops...meant to that you no longer have the biscuit company, what's the next adventure. :-)

coastalgirl said...

I think your moon photo is great! I love the orange detail in old man moon.