Tuesday, February 5, 2008

However she goes, what

We received a book called The Nova Scotia Phrase Book (Sayings, Expressions, and Odd names of Nova Scotia) a while back.

However she goes, what

is supposed to mean "Whatever happens happens, that's life" Also "That's how the cookie crumbles". "That's the way it is".

I can't really imagine that anyone actually uses this phrase anymore. The locals will probably give us some interesting looks if we say it once we move down east.

However, it's a philosophy I'd really, really like to live by. I think we all know people who live in the past. "I wish that this happened instead of that" People that can't move on and live in the present. Usually they slant to the negative way of thinking. They lost a job, they lost a relationship, they lost something they thought they deserved and just can't move on. I find people like that to be a real downer and I try not to hang around them too long.

On the other hand, living in the moment is a real challenge for me these days. I'm so focussed on the future and moving and living in Nova Scotia that I'm finding it truly difficult to live in the here and now. I feel like I'm in limbo land. Other than cleaning house in preparation for a viewing as we try to sell our home...and waiting for the phone to ring...I don't seem to be accomplishing too much.

I think that's got to change before I drive myself crazy. So, my pledge to myself is to do one creative thing (maybe not a big thing, but something creative) every day.

I started working on something a couple of weeks ago but put it away. I'm going to pull it out, take some photos and see what you think.

However she goes, what


TD wool design said...

i love that! we have an old fisherman friend in maine who entertains us with sayings from a time gone by. fortunately he is a very optimistic individual or as you say, i would tire of it! i am anxious to see your project. i know for myself that keeping my hands and mind busy often removes the the stress from something bigger. cheers.

coastalgirl said...

Well...I can't wait to see this project. I hope you won't be disappointed with NS. I've spent much time there and the weather is challenging to the spirit, but I think it pulls people together. My favourite town is actually Annapolis Royal. My husband and I stay there every few summers. It has everything a person could ask for...a cool local pub, artisans on every corner, cool cafes, B&Bs, gardens, lovely view of the Bay of Funday, the salt air in the lungs.....
I did both my undergrad degrees at Dalhousie. so there you have it...I'm a Maritime girl at heart.
I wish you the best in one of my favourite provinces.

Angelique said...

I thinking using our creativity really keeps us sane. When a lot is going on at one time it's good to give the mind a break. Working on a project will help give your mind the much needed break I'm sure it needs. I can't wait to see what you're working on.

Word Weaver Art said...

That's a philosophy / goal / mantra (whatever you want to call it) that I try to live by... do something creative every day. I don't know that I manage it every day, but I do try. I have to remind myself that creativity is multi-faceted... maybe putting blueberries in the oatmeal has to count as creative on some days. :)