Monday, February 11, 2008

The best laid plans

Looks cold, doesn't it? Well it is cold! -25C and windy. Dreaming of spring.

Today turned out differently than expected. We have a new holiday in Ontario called "Family Day" and our grandson and John's daughter will be visiting us. We thought it was today, so I got up early and vacuumed and did dishes, etc. I was looking forward to a yummy brunch cooked by John. Then a school bus went down the road. ?? There's no school on Family Day. So, off I went to the computer to check it out (isn't the internet great?) and it turns out that Family Day is next Monday.

So...I got all my business deliveries into Ottawa done today that I was going to do tomorrow. Always good to be ahead of the game. I get a breakfast for dinner. I love having breakfast at supper time! Nothing like hash browns, eggs, and sausages with a little white wine.

A little note about the upcoming Valentine's Day... John says he doesn't believe in Valentine's Day...just a holiday made up by some card companies. But he surprised me with a "Happy Saturday" gift on the weekend...a beautiful red leather hand bag from Rowland Leather. What a nice surprise!

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TD wool design said...

ooooh! a leather bag! how nice. always a great treat. and RED! love it :) cheers.lihrao