Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Spring thoughts

I don't know what we Canadians would talk about if we couldn't talk about the weather.

It was a wild and wooly day here. We started off with pouring rain...then switched to a snow storm...and then just about got blown away by wind.

Despite the wild and windy weather, I took the dogs out for our afternoon walk. John couldn't believe I still went out. But now that I have the proper outerwear, I actually enjoy it outside. Now...if we lived in western Canada, I don't think I'd be going out! It's -45 C there today! Yikes.

So, I've been dreaming about spring. Looking at gardening catalogues. And wondering what I'll do with our new yard. There is absolutely no landscaping around our new house right now. That means I'll have lots of opportunities for dreaming and planning.

Everything is in place. We'll be Nova Scotia property owners on Friday. We won't be there, but John's son and DIL will be doing the inspection and picking up the keys for us. Yay!


Angelique said...

-45 oh my, I thought -12 was cold. I'm looking forward to spring too. I'm even more excited to actually have seasons to look forward too. In Los Angeles it's pretty much the same season all year round, bright and sunny and an occasional rain. I like having 4 seasons.

Christine said...

Wow, that went by fast! So you own 2 homes. Hopefully not for too long. The spring house hunters should be out soon.

DIL said...

Got the keys....ALL 21 OF THEM! The former owner sure is organized...he sent along two full binders too. The home is WONDERFUL and on beautiful pristine acreage. Just perfect and waiting Sara's green thumbs!