Saturday, January 26, 2008

Simply Spoiled

Yesterday was a great mail day. I received not one, not two, but three parcels in the mail. I love getting things in the mail...even if I do have to pay for them myself!

This parcel was from Jamie at Simply Me Art. As I mentioned in a couple of previous posts, she put together several pieces of jewelry for me using a box of my sister's costume jewelry that I sent down to her.
Here is another of the pieces she made...this one is a charm bracelet full of things taken from my sister's jewelry as well as some of my own pieces that I no longer wear.

Close to the bottom left you'll see a long and thin silver piece...that's a welsh love spoon that John bought for me on our trip to the U.K. in 1991. (so long ago!!) The piece to the left of it is a charm I bought for my sister...the crest of our Scottish family name.
The purple coin is also from the U.K. trip that John and I made in 1991...I bought it for myself in London, England. The 1939 coin is hand painted (the reverse side is beautiful with a lion and crown).
I was wearing this one around the house last night. It has a nice weight to it.
Thanks Jamie!


TD wool design said...

what a great idea for tiny keepsakes!

Christine said...

Sara, I have to ask, is your sister no longer with you? I love that kind of jewelery. Every piece has a story.

Sara said...

My sister passed away from cancer 3 years ago on Dec 27th...90 days after she was diagnosed.

Angelique said...

what a great way to preserve your memories.