Sunday, January 27, 2008

Salad in the bowl, icing on the cake

I have read a couple of blogs lately that are celebrating the "every day life" with photos. Here's a shot of my every day life. A couple of days ago, John joined his friends for lunch (pizza and fries..healthy!) I made a salad for myself. I love salads! Yum.

Things have been picking up a little bit around here. We had 2 house showings last week. Last Sunday a family came to see it. According to the feedback we received, parents & kids all loved the house. But. They have just listed their own home and need to sell before they put in any offers. (what a concept...maybe we should have done that)

The second viewing was on Thursday. John had to drive the 3 dogs and cat around on his own because I had a meeting scheduled. This viewing went well too. They loved the house, but it was too far to walk into town. Huh? If they wanted a house close to town why would they even bother to come look? Oh well.

We are now scheduled to do something we said we'd never do. We will be having an open house one week from today. Never say never. It's just our opinion that most people who go to open houses aren't seriously looking for a property. Our real estate agent thinks it will help. We'll see.

My meeting on Thursday was with a couple who have made me an offer on my dog biscuit business. The terms have been agreed and they are going to go to their lawyer this week to have the papers drawn up. I never thought it would happen. Lots of people were interested in taking over the business...but these people are willing to pay what I wanted for it. Yay. YAY. YAY!!! It's such a relief that the business will carry on. It will be hard to see someone else take it over, but I'm happy it will continue. Even better, the new owners are nice people. Icing on the cake.


Angelique said...

I hope you sell your home soon. I've seen the pictures and it's beautiful. Good luck with the open house. I'm so happy to hear you may have found someone to buy your biscuit business. That is so great.
oh and green olives in the salad...YUM!

Christine said...

Our open house drew in quite a few people and a lot of real estate agents. It's good if they come because they can refer the home to their clients who are looking.
As for the business, congratulations! When will they be taking over if everything goes through? I need more Pumpkin Please biscuits. Can I still order those from you?

FrenchGardenHouse said...

Crossing my fingers that your home will find a new owner. What an exciting year up ahead for you...:)

Thanks so much for entering my blog GIVE AWAY!

xo Lidy

TD wool design said...

thanks for the comment. love your story. i have distant geneology from ontario AND nova scotia! so, we bought a small fixxer in downeast maine. heading north in a few years:) wishing you the best! will keep looking for the updates. sarah