Thursday, January 31, 2008

My husband is a junkie

My husband is a political junkie. I've known it for years, but now it's affecting my life too.

I kid you not, this is serious stuff.

Not only does he follow local, provincial, and federal Canadian politics but he follows world politics too. Especially American politics.

We don't watch much television. Unless. Unless it's news or politics. I have to admit, I often abandon him and go to our 2nd tv set when it just becomes a little too much. (my favourite shows are Spooks from BBC, House, a new Canadian show called The Border, and just about anything on HGTV, the Jane Austen series on Masterpiece, The Tudors...absolutely no reality shows!)

But. Now he's got me interested in politics too. Not so much with the Republican race. But the Democratic race has me hooked. John even caught me watching a clip on YouTube this morning. So you know it's serious.

At the start of the race, I was convinced Hillary was the one. John has been an Obama fan all along. After hearing this speech, I have to agree. I think he is the future that we need.

Yes we can!

A little update on our house situation: Purely coincidentally...we have a 2nd showing tomorrow morning for an agent in Ottawa at the same time that the inspection is being done on our Nova Scotia property. I'm off to clean now...


TD wool design said...

i'm so tired of american politics, and we are no where close to november. i have been only watching channels like HGTV. there are no real answers, just so much talk. yuk! i'd rather be cleaning! good luck with both house events.

julia said...

Ah, tell me all about political junkies. Vincent and I don't even have a TV set, but he watches all the political talkshows and news on the internet. It usually exasperates me.

I would like to give you the 'you make my day' award, if you'd accept it. Just have a look at lineanongrata to see how it works.
Happy (political ?) sunday !

Anonymous said...

sorry...Im a Huckleberry fan all the way. If Hilary gets it I will literally get sick to my stomach and obama will just put me in a small depression. UGGGGH