Monday, January 14, 2008

Home is where the heart is

Unfortunately for me, my heart is with our new home in Nova Scotia. We are counting the days until February 1st. Then we'll be counting the days until our Ontario home sells and we can actually move and officially be bluenosers.
I always thought I was a patient person. My husband disagrees, and I think maybe he's right.For those friends who have asked to see photos of our new place, you can click here. I took these photos when we were house hunting in October...not our furniture, but you can take a look at our future home.

I am constantly trying to remind myself to enjoy the moments we have here, rather than wishing time away until we move. That's harder to do than I would have thought. So, I'd like to think that I'm not impatient. I'm just a forward thinker.


Angelique said...

'Forward Thinker', I like it and am much the same. I'm a planner and I like to know I can plan worry free. I know it's got to be hard right now trying to enjoy the moment. Just remember, some how, some way, things always seem to work out.

Christine said...

Wow, those pictures are great! I wouldn't have guessed that the house had that much space in it. The dogs are going to have so much fun there.

I am Jen said...

Wow, what a place! I seem to have missed something, perhaps I've been lost with your blog! Nova Scotia sounds so wonderful! Good luck with it all!
PS - Did you get the fabric yet?

julia said...

Just had a peek at your future home. It's beautiful. I can understand that you're impatient. Is your new home in Nova Scotia very far from your old one ? I can look at maps and still don't get a precise idea of distance. Your continent is too big for my head.
Did the 'Anne of Green Gables' stories exist when you were little ? They are set in Nova Scotia, if I remember right. Always made me dreamy.