Saturday, January 5, 2008

One word

A fearsome sight...

A blogger friend Bumbershootska knit 3 pairs of mittens for me. Two in grandchildren sizes and I couldn't resist a pair for Cody (yes, he will wear them). Here he is on Christmas morning. And that's my last mention of 2007.

On with 2008! It's going to be an exciting year. Our biggest change, of course, will be moving 1600 kilometres from Ontario to Nova Scotia. We are anxious to move and will be taking possession of our new home on February 1st. But. We still haven't sold our place in Ontario. The weather is not co-operating. According to our agent "folks from the city don't come out to look at houses in the country when it's snowing". Only one home in our price range has sold in the last 3 months. It figures that we've had more snow so far this year than any year on record (since 1935!). I'm trying to be patient!

The question most people ask me is what will I do when we move? I am making arrangements for my dog biscuit business so it can carry on. And I'm going to take the chance to do something different. I'm not sure what yet. But I'm excited about the chance and the change.

One of the blogs I read...good-ness...asked readers to sum up one word to describe 2007 and one word to describe 2008. It's tough to sum up a year in one word and certainly makes you think. My word for 2007 was "dream". 2008 is "live".

Give it a try. What are your words?


Simply Me Art said...

That is tooooo Funny! I love the photo.

Angelique said...

LOVE the photo! Let's see....the word for 2007 would be 'change' and for 2008, 'forward', keep moving forward!