Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The days go by

Sometimes days go by, and it seems like we've been really busy. But then I try to think about what we've done and wonder where all the time went to.

We had a phone call from Cody on Friday afternoon. He moved to Toronto in December and has finally found himself a job. Phew. No more worries about his ability to pay rent. And...his mom is happy because he's working at a greek restaurant and they give him a free meal every day. At least I know now that he'll be eating good food (if only once a day). He sounds quite "up" which is also a very good thing. He and 3 friends have started working on a play together. We'll see how that goes.

We had a really nice dinner out on Friday night...totally unplanned. (despite my previous post about getting John to take me out to dinner!) We received a phone call from friends at 5:00 Friday afternoon. They had decided at the last minute to go out for dinner and wondered if we'd like to join them. So we had a very enjoyable few hours of dinner and conversation. One of the great things about our lifestyle is that we can pretty much do what we want when we want. Mostly we don't put that to good use because I'm what you might call a homebody.

Saturday we received a call from our real estate agent's office. They received a viewing request and we actually got 24 hours notice, which was great. So we cleaned the house from top to bottom. Sunday afternoon we cleared out with the cat and 3 dogs and went to lunch and then a drive. No word back yet on how the viewing went. Fingers crossed.

Monday had us driving into Ottawa for a few hours. Dog biscuit deliveries to some of my stores, and an eye appointment. A dog biscuit shipment also went out to a customer in New Brunswick.

Today...no big plans. I think I'll pop over to the local fabric store. Last year I made our grandson a tote bag. Cassie (the dog we adopted in September) ate it during one of our grandson's visits. So...I am going to sew up a replacement. The last one was pretty basic. I whipped it up last minute before his birthday party to use as a gift bag. I'm going to try to line this one which should be interesting. My sewing skills are fairly limited. I'll let you know how it goes.

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Angelique said...

I hope the viewing went well. Can't wait to see the bag.