Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Bag full of bugs

I whipped out to the local fabric store yesterday to buy some fusible web for this project. The store is owned by a very nice older couple (and believe me, when you get to my age and say "older"...that's getting up there). The woman wasn't there when I arrived and I tried to explain to the man what I wanted (I couldn't remember what it was called...I've only used it once before). Well, we struggled through a bit of a discussion because I couldn't explain it very well. Thankfully, I found what I was looking for...just as she arrived back in the store of course.

The background fabric was purchased from Jen at Beebee Mod several months ago. My original plans for it was to use it as a lining for a "treasure chest" I was going to make for our grandson Mr. J. I had bought a couple of wooden silverware cases at an auction for $1. Despite sanding and ripping out the existing lining, I couldn't get rid of the moldy smell and that project was abandoned.

The striped fabric and the fabric for the wheels was purchased in a "pound of fabric scraps" from the etsy shop Ellie Bleu (another of Jen's ventures).
This was my first attempt at lining, which didn't go too badly. Not perfect, but I don't think Mr. J will complain. (the standards of a 3 year old being a little different). I even managed to make a double pocket on the inside of the bag so he can put some little treasures into the bag too.
So, this will wait until his birthday party in March and we'll put some little cars and trucks in it. I think he'll like it.
What do you think?


Angelique said...

Fantastic!! You did such a great job. Mr. J is going to love it.

I am Jen said...

YAY! How sweet is that. I am sure he will love it. Bags are always so useful and appreciated in my family.

Simply Me Art said...

Hi Sara, so glad you are happy with everything. It sure was fun being able to create new memories for you... enjoy everything... Jamie