Monday, December 17, 2007

Picture This

We had a major snowstorm yesterday...the largest snowfall for that day since 1977. This morning was sort of a lazy morning. John brought me coffee in bed (yes, I know...I'm a very lucky lady). So, I drank my coffee and read my book in lazy contentment knowing I didn't have to go anywhere for a few hours.

Later, after feeding dogs....eating breakfast...reading the paper....I was sitting at my computer reading some of my favourite blogs and drinking coffee. It was 10:30 and I hadn't showered yet. The phone rings, and it's a real estate office...they want to come and show the house at 12:30.


Of course, I said yes. This would be our first showing.

But. I had a lunch appointment in Ottawa (a 40 minute drive) with a friend at 12:30. I still had to shower. And the house was a disaster. (we had let things slide a bit thinking that no one would want to see the house until after Christmas) Yikes!

What to do? First, I told John about it and that I was going into "panic mode". Then, I phoned my friend and changed the lunch date to 1:00. John did a major vacuum and I ran around doing the rest. I put the dirty pots from the sink into the dishwasher (I usually wash them by hand but didn't do it the night before). I made the bed in Cody's old room. (the bed has been naked since he moved out a couple of weeks ago). I cleaned the kitchen, put away newspapers, dusted, cleaned 3 bathrooms (well, okay...I forgot to clean the mirrors but John looked after that), cleared out all the "dog stuff" and put it in the garage. I cleared out all the papers in my office and stuffed them into my roll top desk. Then I jumped in the shower. Off I went to clean off the cars and noticed that the neighbourhood guy who cleans our driveway forgot to clean our front walkway. I grab the shovel and shovel off 1 1/2 feet of snow from a 25 foot walkway. (so much for the shower!)

We did it! We put the 3 dogs and cat in John's car and he took them for a drive. I jumped in my car and drove into Ottawa for my lunch date. Phew!

And...I promise...I won't let the house get to be a disaster any more (ha!)

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Angelique said...

I hope the house showing went good.