Sunday, December 23, 2007

Close only counts in horse shoes

Actually, I'm not sure if that saying is correct...close only counts in horse shoes. I've never actually played the game.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, we had our first showing 6 days ago. The same people came back for a second viewing just a day later. That went very smoothly on our side, since we had done a mad cleaning the day before. Just another quick vacuum, and I had time to wash the wood floors. We packed up the 3 dogs and cat into one car and John and I went for a drive and had a nice lunch while our crew waited in the car. (we were told they wanted 1 1/2 hours for their second viewing).

We were terribly excited. Well, I was terribly excited. John was a little more practical about the whole thing. According to our agent, we were in "the top two".

Well, we came in second. We took a drive by the house that won the competition and we couldn't understand the decision...but then again, I guess we might be just a little biased?

And now we wait again. Hopefully it won't be another 2 months before we have another showing. Still positive. It WILL happen!

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Word Weaver Art said...

ha ha ha... I hadn't heard that saying in a long time. I'd always heard, "Close only counts in horse shoes and hand grenades." (In horse shoes, you get points even if it touches the pole, doesn't have to be circling it... just close. And in hand grenades... well, you know.)