Monday, November 26, 2007

What We're Leaving

Let's take a tour of the home we're leaving behind...

To see the listing of our current home, click here. Once you reach the MLS page, you can click on "view multimedia". Then, choose between still photos under "photos" or 360 views under "panoramas". The panoramas are a little skewed. Basically, they are a series of photos that have been linked together to make it look like a video.

The house looks so good, I wonder why we're moving? Hopefully someone else will love the house as much as we have over the past 9 years. A few weeks ago was a blur of getting our home ready for people to view. We painted, did minor repairs, gave away furniture and clothes, threw away 10 garbage bags full of "stuff" (mostly old election signs from John's days on council which are of no use to anyone), and sent 8 green garbage bags of shredded paper to recycling. Phew! Well, we're ready for people to come. Now we just have to do a cleaning blitz before each viewing.

So far, it's been over 3 weeks and no one has been interested. But we're still hanging onto that dream. It will happen.

Choose your dream and work it. Dream big and go!

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