Friday, November 30, 2007

Tough Choices

We heard back from Nova Scotia...looks like we are unable to change our closing date. We will be property owners in NS starting February 1st! Things are looking a little bleak for sales prospects here but who knows what will happen. Real estate moguls...that's us.

John and I had a planning session yesterday for how to handle my business. We decided there are 3 choices: sell the business, keep the business, wind up the business. We then listed pros and cons for each category.

Selling the business doesn't look promising. I had a couple of ideas in mind for this, but they didn't work out.

Keeping the business is a possibility, however I won't be able to operate the same way I do here. Currently, I have a bakery to bake all the biscuits. I pick up the biscuits and bring them to my workshop where I package and ship them. If I want to keep the business I have to find someone willing to pick up the biscuits and package and ship. (I should mention that it's a 3 hour round trip to pick up the biscuits). At our new home, there's no room for a workshop unless we build one. I might be able to find a new bakery in Nova Scotia but I'd also need to find a packer and shipper.

Keeping the business all boils down to costs. It's not a business with big profits, so there's not much room for hiring people and still making money. I'm still trying to work out some details. The good news about not moving on Feb 1st is that it gives me some extra time to come up with some business solutions.

Winding up the business. This is a tough one and where my Gemini personality shines through. One minute I think it would be great to wrap up the business on a high note...and move on to other dreams. The next minute I think I would miss it terribly. It's been my identity for over 9 years.

Choices. Sometimes it's hard to make them.

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