Monday, November 26, 2007

Time To Live The Dream

Welcome to my first "Dream Big and GO!" blog post.For the past 25+ years, I have lived in Ontario. Before that, I spent one year in Alberta and before that, 20 years in Ontario. I was an Ontario girl with a heart on the east coast. A "Blue Noser Wannabe". I'm not sure how it started. Maybe it was because my parents took me on a trip to Cape Breton, Nova Scotia when I was small. For whatever reason, I've always felt a special place in my heart for Nova Scotia.

But life happens.

I had a career in banking. My job as bank manager disappeared in 1998. I was given a choice...take another job in the bank or take a severance package. Well, why not? I took the package.

I started my own business in 1998...the first dog biscuit company in Eastern Ontario. I won an award for "Most Innovative Local Business in Ontario" in 2001. My company was featured in countless newspaper articles, magazines, radio and television shows. I created "Paws for Charity"...a unique collaborative effort of 4 dog businesses raising funds for breast cancer charities.

And it's time for another change. Time to live the dream. My husband and I went on a little trip to Nova Scotia 1 month ago. One week later, we finalized a real estate deal. We bought a house! 20 acres of land...totally isolated...on the South Shore of Nova Scotia.

My oh my. Time to live the dream.

Stay tuned.

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Sybil N said...

I just travelled back in time to your very first post from 2007.

Glad to see you are still "living the dream".