Monday, December 31, 2018


Wish, from the Differentiation Series by Sara Harley
may the winds
gently blow
your way

I created this image for myself as a good luck talisman when I applied for a photographic residency.
It turns out that I didn't obtain the residency, but in retrospect I believe that was a good thing.
Most of us have hopes and dreams. Some just blow away, but some take root and flourish.
Wishing that all your hopes and dreams come true in 2019.

Monday, December 24, 2018

Song of Joy

Song of Joy from the Differentiation Series by Sara Harley
Song Of Joy
shout out
with jubilation
give thanks
with gladness
sing songs
with joy
with life

Birds and trees are a thing for me. Symbols of strength and freedom in my mind, seeing them together always makes me pause.
Hearing this robin singing his heart out just outside our backyard was a special moment of spring.
I am not a follower of organized religion. However I do subscribe to the fundamental beliefs of many religions. Psalm 100 has been a favourite of mine since I learned it in a song when I was young.
The song was a true celebration of life, and the inspiration for my verse. I thought it a fitting image to share for the holiday season. However you celebrate, I hope you have a joyous holiday filled with love and hope.

Friday, November 2, 2018

Published! Seeing in Sixes 2018

Seeing in Sixes 2018
Seeing in Sixes 2018
My book arrived today in the mail. Six images from my Stroke of Emotions series are featured in a six page spread, one of only 50 projects selected for publication from approximately 1500 entries. 

I am so very honoured about being included in this beautiful book, and proud of this achievement.

2018 Book Details
  • 312 Pages, 50 projects
  • Each project is 6 images exactly, in a 6-page spread
  • Both color and black-and-white projects and images
  • Introduction by Brooks Jensen
  • A great learning tool to help develop your own small projects
  • 9” tall x 8” wide, larger than LensWork
Click on this link to view more details.

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Calendar Release

Giants of Nova Scotia 2019 calendar release - details received by email today. My image "Whisper" is featured for the month of February 2019.

Nova Scotia has so many outstanding trees and forests. We're very pleased to be able to show you 12 in our 2019 Giants of Nova Scotia calendar.

Our photo contest attracted just over 300 entries that -- with a great deal of difficulty -- we were able to whittle down to the images before you.

Many thanks to everyone who contributed and congratulations to the winners. It is fair to say that the final collection will be a joy to look at all next year.

Calendars are now on sale with deliveries starting in late October. They can be purchased online, via e-transfer or in person at Farmer's Market throughout Nova Scotia.

Details are at our website :

Giants of Nova Scotia is a project that celebrates our provincial trees and forests while raising awareness about recently discovered invasive species. All proceeds will be donated to the Mersey Tobeatic Research Institute to carry on the fight.

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Giants of Nova Scotia 2019 Calendar

Received by email today:

We would like to use your awesome photo -- 'Whisper' -- in our 2019 Giants of Nova Scotia calendar.

Tom Rogers

Whisper by Sara Harley, Giants of Nova Scotia 2019 Calendar
Whisper by Sara Harley
About this project (taken from the Giants of Nova Scotia website):

Nova Scotia has some amazing trees and forested land. But there's some invasive species moving in that could cause serious problems.

What to do? Using the adage "You can catch more flies with honey than vinegar" I came up with the idea for a 2019 calendar that featured outstanding tree and forest photos from across Nova Scotia. As part of the calendar, there would be a gentle message about how you could help prevent the spread of invasive pests. So your children and grandchildren can enjoy the beauty you are looking at every month. The generous folk at Awesome South Shore liked my idea and gave me $1000 to help bring it to life. Here's the plan...
  • Photo contest - Complete
  • Calendars For Sale - Available NOW!
  • All proceeds are donated to the Mersey Tobeatic Research Institute for work to prevent the spread of invasive pests in our forests

Tuesday, July 31, 2018


Received by email today from LensWork. I had to re-read it, as I couldn't believe it the first time I read it.

Subject: Seeing in SIXES 2018 --Your work will be published!

Project:  Stroke of Emotions

CONGRATULATIONS! — and Hello Sara,

As you can see by the subject line, your entry has been selected for publication in Seeing In SIXES 2018! This is quite an accomplishment, as only 50 projects were selected from an astonishing number of entries.

Since many photographers submitted more than one entry, please note that the entry listed above has been accepted. Any additional entries (that do not appear here) were not selected for this book.

At this time we are working to prepare the book for printing, and will mail your complimentary Entrant's Copy in September. 

Each project contains exactly six images and will be published on six pages in the book. What an honour!

Wednesday, June 27, 2018


Strength is from the Stroke of Emotions Series by Sara Harley

Strength -  
the quality or state of being strong, in particular: the emotional or mental qualities necessary in dealing with situations or events that are distressing or difficult

Strength is from the Stroke of Emotions Series I created in 2017.

In this image I am celebrating life. Trees and birds are powerful symbols for me. I believe trees represent growth and strength, with roots to ground us in our traditions. I see birds in flight as symbols of freedom, with the power of dreams and life renewed.


Strength means different things to different people.
Someone once told me I had a tragic life, and I was surprised to hear them say that. I never thought about my life that way.
But I have dealt with some tragic things.
When I was sixteen, my beloved brother died after several years of fighting brain cancer. He was just 32 and the father of three children under the age of five.
My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer when I was 18, and fought a good fight for three years. She died when I was 21.
When my mother was admitted to the hospital for palliative care, my father suffered a major stroke and was admitted to the same hospital. The two people who kept our family together were gone, and my siblings and I were not strong enough to keep ourselves together.
My father was told he would never walk again. He proved the doctors wrong, and was released from the hospital one year later to lead an independent life for 17 years. He died when I was 37. He will always remain a role model of strength for me.
​My only sister was diagnosed with lung cancer just five years later and died within 90 days. I will never forget her quiet grace and acceptance when she was told there was nothing more that could be done and she said she would like to go home for her remaining days.
When I was 49, I faced my worst fear when I heard the words "you have breast cancer". Surgery, radiation treatments, and hope kept me going.
But the most difficult thing for me to deal with was when John had a stroke in June 2017. Powerless, and unable to control anything that happened, I found it the most challenging thing that I had ever faced.
Our story is not over. Our story is not a perfect happily ever after ending. Our story is about struggling through adversity and finding hope.
I still feel lost and afraid at times, and I probably always will. But I am learning that sharing is one of the most important tools in healing.
I hope that sharing our story will help someone, somewhere, sometime.
And if that happens, then everything that we have experienced will be worthwhile.